Punctum, as described by Roland Barthes in his iconic book Camera Lucida  as the element within a photograph that creates a psychological charge that ruptures the conscious mind of the viewer. This video piece, which is a stand alone work in its own right is part of a larger installation that extends this factor to the intense emotion turmoil experienced following loss. Research into contemporary attitudes towards death, loss and grief has exposed a society increasingly reluctant to engage in these issues which are an integral part of the human condition. Psychoanalyst and Author Darian Leader points to contemporary societies inability to process loss as they key factor behind the exponential increases in anxiety and depression.  This work intends to engage the viewer at a direct and intense level and offer a moment of mutual recognition of the debilitating trauma of loss, in an attempt to raise awareness, debate and ultimately healing.

Punctum installation

Punctum installation

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Nostos Algos Installation video

Nostos Algos installation

Nostos Algos installation

The video projection installation Nostos Algos, was created with the intent of portraying the loss of cultural identity as a result of the destruction of home. Relationships and places associated with  historical identity and place consumed and destroyed by the violence of the flame.  The video originates on the destruction of a vintage photograph album, emphasising the loss of the individual as well as the memories and ties associated. The 3 dimensional aspect of the installation is captured on the projection onto a standard child's toy, the dolls house, emphasising the longing for a simple naive past. Two other symbolic references are displayed in the piece, the candle for the notion of hope and peace and the unfaltering brick wall intimating barriers and inaccessibility. Collaborative work with Visual Artist Laura Dendy.

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Stale Mate

Stale Mate

Public performance exploring the stigma and perception of the widow. A silent evocative piece expressing the  pain and expectations of loss and grief.



An installation of 100 vintage handkerchiefs hand typed with the thoughts and regrets of those in mourning following a sudden loss. Dedicated to the loss of the artist's dear young friend, this piece is offered up to the public and the individual pieces intended to be taken by those who feel a resonance in the text written. I miss you Issac and think of you often.

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Being Present.

Video piece that is part of a two projection feed installation. Memories from my fathers death, projected onto the bed he died on. In the background a Vanitas ensemble, a nod to the Dutch 17th Century painters, a reminder of the transient nature of the human condition.

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Collaboration with Mark Small, as part of a larger collaboration of artists working in response to sound works. Invitation to intervene with the sound pieces of MA Small productions, resulted in the re-working of videos I had taken in the Far East. Manimekhala in Indic mythology is the Goddess of protection of the righteous on the seas. The piece reflects on the eternal tension between man, nature and our return to dialogue with omnipotent deities in times of travesty.

Fragments installation

Fragments installation

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flammam veritatis


This time-lapse video, is a contemporary interpretation of the 17th Century Dutch Vanitas paintings, expressing the temporal nature of the human condition.

Ars Moriendi