Angela graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone with a first-class honours in Fine Art. Her interest lies in the exploration of the human psyche in relation to mortality salience responses to contemporary universal concerns.  Angela’s practice is currently focused on the current climate change debate with a specific interest in expressing the potential catastrophic effects of non engagement. Work is created with the intention of engaging the viewer at a direct and intense level with the objective of raising awareness and dialogue. Whilst underlying themes are often unnerving, she has a keen awareness of utilising the aesthetic to engage the viewer. She passionately believes that pieces created with this aspiration, can provide an empathetic discourse between artist and viewer and as such has the potential to provide a catalyst for critical reflection. The research driven practice draws on the works of the existentialist philosophers as well as academic debate from other fields with relevant contextualising in terms of current and historic art genres. In terms of placement, Angela views herself as a socially-engaged practitioner, creating work for and with the intention of stimulating dialogue with the general public. Whilst she has achieved credible success in exhibiting in gallery environments both nationally and internationally, she aspires to connect with audiences out with this social context. Angela's creative vocabulary encompasses many mediums, enabling a liberated expressive response and the artist continues to leave her practice open to experimentation. To date pieces have included video, installation, performance, sound and found objects with the intention of creating work with minimal environmental impact. The universal sentiment and concerns of her pieces have received recognition through numerous International exhibitions.