At the core of my practice lies the exploration of the human psyche in relation to mortality salience responses and the subsequent influences on some of contemporary society’s greatest challenges including the escalating decline in mental health worldwide.  At present my focus is engaged in the current climate change debate with a specific interest in understanding the psychological factors that determine public engagement/response.


Due to the Universal nature of the concerns to which my practice gravitates, I am particularly interested in working with the general public and creating work outwith the traditional gallery environment. As an equity analyst in a former career, I tend to incorporate intensive periods of research as part of my creative process. I have found  this approach hugely beneficial in creating work with public resonance, especially in the formation of site specific work. Involvement of others has become increasingly evident in the development of works, whether that has involved interviewing scientists/specialists or actual direct collaboration with the public or other artists. Public interaction/participation is another element I particularly enjoy incorporating into the pieces.


In terms of media, installation and performance have supported themselves well as effective communication vehicles for the public environment. However, the challenge of a new environment and that stimulus drives the medium response rather than any personal preference and as such I like to keep myself open to the exploration of new material experiences.

2019 will see me return to University to take on an Masters of Art in Contemporary Art Practices at Edinburgh School of Art …….. watch this space, cannot wait!!!!!!